Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

 Your elusive journey to fat loss has started and you’re doing the Keto Diet. The Keto Diet is the ultimate way to see fast weight loss, but it has some hidden rules that could knock you out of ketosis. In this article we will go through a brief overview of what it means to be in ketosis and my top 5 things to avoid if you want to stay in ketosis.

What it means to be in Ketosis

Most people who do the Keto Diet don’t actually know the true definition of being in ketosis. To sum it up for you, Ketosis is measured by the amount of ketones in your body. That’s why experts will tell you to pee on Keto sticks. Usually when someones peeing on a stick it means they have a mistake on the way, but in this case we’re just going to be measuring your pee for ketones. The darker the tone on the pee stick, the more ketones you have in your system.

Now unfortunately when you bite down into that delicious donut you have potentially knocked yourself out of ketosis. It’s a pretty simple equation, less carbs = ketosis , carbs = anti-ketosis. I know math can be hard but I promise you that this is as simple as it gets.

When you ingest carbohydrates its best to go back to a strict Keto Diet or intake exogenous ketones to get your levels back to normal. You can check out my line of exogenous ketones (HERE). I find that supplementing 8-14 grams of exogenous ketones per day rapidly speeds up the fat loss process.

Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

Too much Artificial sweeteners

Okay so this is a bit ironic because I do believe that artificial sweeteners like Sucralose are the best forms of sweeteners in general, they work and you don’t need a lot to get the job done. That being said you shouldn’t be consuming a ton of artificial sweeteners. If you’re trying to get lean and you’re consuming a 12 pack of diet soda per day then you’re royally fucking yourself over. I’m not saying you need to cut out artificial sweeteners entirely but you should limit your intake to 2-3 drinks a day. Artificial sweeteners mimic sugar, which means its very possible that you’re spiking your insulin as well, which can make you hold water. By doing this you might be limiting your maximum results while doing keto.

My suggestion for a simple solution to too much artificial sweetener is find healthier alternatives. If you are a diet soda junkee then try out flavored sparkling waters companies like La Croix or Costcos branded sparkling water. I have switched over to sparkling water as my main “indulgent” drink and the results came fast. I became leaner and noticed less water in my subcutaneous layer of skin.

Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

Processed foods that are keto “friendly”

If I could preach one thing in general to avoid in your diet it would be processed foods. Instead of getting down to the nitty gritty of why processed foods are absolutely terrible for you I’m going to just give you the simple answer. Your body has evolved over the last 6 million years, your ethnic background, sex and environment all effect how your body processes foods. That being said processed foods have only been around for the past 50-60 years, when you incorporate these foreign foods that none of your ancestors have seen before your body rejects it. That is why you have to spend the next day on the porcelain thrown after eating taco bell. That is your body freaking out because you just poisoned it.

In order to combat this, simply eat clean food. If you have to cook it and buy it at the grocery store then you’re off to a good start. Pay attention to how your body reacts to particular food and try to keep a journal so you can make more informed decisions later on.

Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

Cake is a carb becky

So this goes without saying that pretty much anything indulgent or delicious has carbs in it. Eating carbohydrates while you’re trying to reach ketosis is a sure way to knock yourself out of ketosis. When you switch from a standard balanced diet to a traditional keto diet you’re going to have withdrawals from restricted carbohydrate intake. The CDC classifies obesity as a disease for a reason because our addiction to “bad” foods is at an all time high and it’s killing people at an alarming rate. In my mind there is not much of a difference between drug addiction and over eating. Both are ingested and offer short term gratification followed by a long list of side effects based upon long term use.

If you’re trying to cut out the carbs then you’re going to just need to go cold turkey. No one cares about how hard it is to stick on your keto diet but they will notice your awesome results if you can master self control when it comes to bakery section in the grocery store. I would also recommend taking out all of the junk food and carbs out of your house, it’s a lot easier to remain on course when you don’t have temptation staring at you every time you open up the fridge.

Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

Proper supplementation

If you’ve jumped on the keto train then it means your supplementation needs to change as well. I personally like the keto diet because I feel as through it covers a lot of your macronutrient requirements which allows you to spend a bit less on supplementation. With this new change in your diet you’ll need a new arsenal of weapons in your supplement cabinet. I recommend using Keto Boost 1-2x a day for best results. This will elevate your ketone levels and help you reach and stay in ketosis.

Some other products I would recommend while your on the keto diet is a good protein powder and fat burning product like (Keto Burn).

Top 5 reasons you're not in ketosis

Lack of preparation

So you’ve shown up to the big race, you reach the starting line, take your position and you’re wearing crocs. Needless to say you did everything right but neglected an important factor in your success. When most people cheat on their diet it’s because they did not have the proper preparation while on the go. Its fairly easy to stock your house full of keto friendly foods and watch some Netflix. But it’s not easy to find good keto options when you’re on the go. Most people have a “fuck it” moment and just figure they can make up for their newly integrated cheat meal with being perfect the next day. This is a slippery slope and you’ll eventually regress back to the “old you”.

Here are some suggestions I have for sticking to the keto diet when you’re on the go. Always pack keto snacks when you go out, just as a pre cautionary measure. Make sure to check out my top 11 keto snacks Here.


So you’ve done the hard work at this point, make sure to apply some of these tips and tricks to make sure you don’t ruin your keto diet with a careless action. An overall picture is made up of the details in your day to day action, these small decisions will greatly effect the bigger picture down the road.