Made from the highest-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), our products make it easy for you to get into ketosis and stay there.

Ketosis marks the presence of ketones in the body, usually at >0.5mM. Ketosis is usually achieved through endogenous ketones, meaning ketones are produced naturally by the body as a result of diet or fasting.

Priming the body to trigger endogenous ketone production takes time and effort. To provide a quicker alternative to natural ketone production, there are exogenous BHB ketones which can be consumed through supplements. Exogenous ketones come from an external source since they’re not produced in the body.

Using exogenous ketones allows you to receive some of the benefits of ketosis without the time spent fasting and dieting to achieve nutritional ketosis.

Long story short, you with constant BHB supplementation you will get the benefits of ketosis.