Professional Athletes Who Do Keto

  At this point we’ve all heard the word “keto”. It’s one of the highest searched keywords on google and keto products have invaded the shelves. This kind of phenomenon happens because the keto lifestyle has tremendously helped people shed off that unwanted body fat. Does that mean the keto lifestyle is ideal of elite athletes? My simple answer to that is yes, in this article I’ll go in depth on why the keto lifestyle will become the new standard for elite athletes all around the world.

Athletes are changing!

 Long gone are the days of past standards when it comes to athletic ability. Athletes are bigger and leaner than ever due to more money being invested into athletes health and nutrition programs. If you can extend a professional athletes career for a few more years due to their diet and supplementation needs being met, why wouldn’t you? The smart trainers and athletes have migrated towards this mindset and the results are undeniable. In this article I’ll do a deep dive into professional athlete examples who follow keto.

professional athletes who do keto

Lebron James - Los Angeles Lakers

 So lets start with my favorite athlete in the NBA, Lebron James.  This guy needs no introduction, his long term performance over 16 Years in the NBA is something truly special. In 2018 when being asked about his health and nutrition program, Lebron James told the world he spends close to 1 million dollars a year on his own health and wellness maintenance. Remember what I said about more money being invested into athletes? This is probably the more profound example of that in professional sports.

This colossal of a man stands at 6 foot, 9 inches and weighs 250 lbs and somehow he has the grace to cut to the basket like butter. He has proven himself to be versatile and the best NBA player to hit the court in the last 10 years. Obviously he’s got some natural ability but he also shows great improvement over the years in athletic ability and lean muscle gain.

Back in 2014 Lebron James transformed his body into the leanest we have seen him, he divulged that he had done a modified version of keto for 67 days and the results showed. It’s my belief you will start seeing more athletes transition into keto, as it will make them leaner and faster. Only time will tell if the rest of the NBA will follow, odds are in favor of keto sweeping the elite in the NBA.

professional athletes who do keto

Tim Tebow - NFL Quarterback

 One of the most unique players to hit the quarterback position in years, Tim Tebow shined as a college athlete in college for Florida university. His strength was unmatched by 95% of other NFL quarterback prospects. This guy dominated when he was playing college football, and what do you know he also follows the keto diet.

Tim is a great example of an athlete receiving the strength benefits from the keto diet. The fact you have an NFL quarterback who’s natural and can bench press 405 is absolutely insane. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this guy when it comes to professional sports and I’m sure he’ll be putting that strength to good use in the near future.

professional athletes who do keto

Ketone supplementation is the future

Every athlete in the world wants to get better, the better you are, the bigger the paycheck. In a world full of restricted substances athletes have to turn to new methods to improve athletic performance. This is where (exogenous ketones) come in handy. Your body is going to either pull energy from fats or glycogen. By intaking exogenous ketones you’ve given your body the key to unlocking ketosis and energy. Competition is only going to be getting more intense as you see sports franchises improve the fan experience. The NBA is at an all time high due to better athletes, fast paced game play and athletic specimens we haven’t seen before. All of these changes lead me to believe that ketone supplementation will be the next edge keto athletes introduce into their programs.


Professional sports are headed in a singular direction. Bigger, faster, stronger athletes. All things the keto diet supports. Don’t be surprised when your favorite athletes promotes a low carbohydrate, high protein and fat diet. It’s only a matter of time until this phenomenon invades your favorite sports team.