Awakened Labz was created by founder Justin Young. Here is a message from the CEO and Founder.


Hey everyone, 

Thanks for checking out our store. I guess this is where i'm supposed to tell you why we're unique or why you should choose us as your go-to supplement company. I could go on and on about how good are products are and how they are made in the best facilities in the united states, but what I really want to focus on is our overall goal. I'm not interested in the title of "the biggest supplement company" or "most profitable", what we really want to be known as is the company who changed the most lives in a positive manor. 

Now in order to reach this title we have been diligently working around the clock in improving all aspects of our business 24/7. When I started this company it was created in a spare bedroom in my house. I brought my best friend out to Vegas when I felt we were ready to go "all in". Both of us quit our jobs and went for it at the beginning of 2019.

Over the next year we would work around the clock fulfilling orders and building Awakened Labz. We became obsessed with creating the best all around supplement company possible. Super fast standard shipping, products that were the first of its kind, and acquiring some of the best in the business to help us create this vision were some of the areas we focused on. Our first year was a roller coaster, we went all in and moved forward regardless of what was thrown in our way. 

1 year later we have found ourselves In a massive 10k Sq foot warehouse and one of the fastest growing companies in the supplement industry. After I had laid down all the infrastructure to maintain and excel in fulfillment of your orders, I am pleased to have the opportunity to now pour all of my knowledge into articles on the scoop and create one of a kind videos for you on youtube.

The most important thing to us is and always has been to change the most lives possible in a positive manor. We do this through education and the most innovative products on the market. I highly encourage you to read our articles and watch our videos alongside with supplementation. The combination of using Awakened Labz knowledge and supplementation is something no other supplement company offers. 

Real experience and information you can't get elsewhere and the best products on the market, that's who we are. Thank you for taking time to get to know us, we look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals and awakening your potential.

Justin Young

CEO and Founder of Awakened Labz