Welcome to AWAKENED

Awakened is an all-in-one training system that combines the experience of a personal trainer along with proper supplementation to get you the results you've always wanted.


  • Get trained by Justin Young

    Get one-on-one coaching with Justin Young. This includes weekly check-ins and adjustments to your plan and full email support.

  • Custom diet and workout plan

    You will receive a custom workout and meal plan according to your goals and physical capabilities. 

  • Free Supplements

    Get a full month of elite fitness supplements for free. This includes a detox product, pre-workout, protein powder, BCAA and sleeping enhancer. 

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How do you customize my fitness program?

We send you a questionnaire that will allow us to create the optimal plan for your success. This includes survey questions ranging from goals to food allergies and many more.

Can you customize my training program around injuries?

Yes, all plans take into consideration current and previous injuries. 

I have food allergies, is this a problem?

Your program is catered to your individual needs. Food preference is built into your plan.

When can I expect results?

Everyones results will vary based upon your dedication. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the results you are looking for. 

What if i don't have access to a gym?

We can customize your workouts for home use.