How to get Back into Ketosis After Cheating

If you’ve slipped up on your diet or have had a planned cheat meal while you’re on the Keto Diet, chances are you have fallen out of ketosis. Reaching ketosis is the main objective when following the Keto Diet. When you reach ketosis it is a measurement of the amount of ketones in your body. The more active ketones in your body, the more likely you are in ketosis. In this article we will teach you how to get back into ketosis so you can lose fat again.

Size Matters when it comes to cheat meals

I know your girlfriend has probably told you at some point size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to cheat meals this is actually extremely important. The amount of carbohydrate intake can directly effect your level of ketosis. It’s a pretty easy concept to grasp onto. More carbohydrates = less likely you are in ketosis, less carbohydrates = more likely in ketosis. With that being said I’ll give you some protocols to fit your particular situation.

The more extreme your cheat meals are the more extreme approach you’ll need to take to get back into ketosis. Luckily for you there are many ways to naturally get back into ketosis and a few secret ways to speed up the process of ketosis. Lets go and get you back into ketosis.

how do i get back into ketosis after cheating

Oops I had 50 grams of carbohydrates

If you fit in this category, chances are you probably had a few slices of bread or had to make a quick sacrifice to eat on the go. Don’t worry if your total carbohydrate intake was 50 grams or less, this is an amount aloud on the Keto diet. That being said if you normally do not intake 50 grams on a regular basis I would go a bit lighter on carbohydrates the following day.

Solution: Reduce carbohydrate intake the following day

how do i get back into ketosis after cheating

100 grams of carbohydrates isn’t a big deal right?


If this is the category you fit in then you definitely consumed too many carbs compared to your daily allowance that is permitted. Again this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it is extremely likely this has effected your ketone levels. You can test this with ketone strips that can be found at your local grocery store. I recommend reducing carbohydrate intake and having a ketone boosting product like Keto Boost to get you back into ketosis the following day.

Solution: Reduce carbohydrate intake and take a Ketone Booster

I had to have a big cheat meal! Is 100-200 grams of carbs going to ruin ketosis?

So you just had to do it, you went for the all you can eat bread basket at olive garden or found yourself fist deep in a delicious bag of cookies. Don’t worry about this situation if it happens once a week or less, this is a easy fix and you can get back into ketosis the following day if you follow our protocol. For this you’re going to reduce carbohydrate intake for two days in a row and take a ketone booster 2x a day for the next two days.

Solution: Reduce carbohydrate intake for two days and take a ketone booster, two days in a row.

how do i get back into ketosis after cheating

Oh Fu*k I ate the entire pizza , I’m pretty sure I ate 200-400 grams of carbs!

We’ve all been there, we planned on having a moderate cheat meal but it turned into a gorging fest. Chances are you feel sluggish and a bit guilty if you went down this road. This is where I tend to find myself when I do have a cheat meal. The solution to this required three days of carbohydrate restriction and a ketone booster to be taken two times a day for three days in a row.

Solution: Three days of carbohydrate restriction and 6 servings of a ketone booster over a three day period.

What is a ketone booster?

 Ketone booster are relatively new to the fitness industry, they serve as the perfect solution to fat loss while on the Keto Diet. I would recommend taking one serving of a ketone booster per day regardless if you cheated or not. Ketone boosters use exogenous ketones like BHB (beta-Hydroxybutyric) to raise your ketone levels which help put you into ketosis. Ketosis is just a measurement of ketones in your body, you can hack this process daily by taking around 6 grams of BHB per day. I find that this works best in the morning on an empty stomach or before you go to bed. I personally had the best results when I took 12 grams per day and split up the servings. 1 serving of Keto Boost in the morning before I workout and one serving of Keto Boost around 4 pm.

how do i get back into ketosis after cheating

I’m following the protocol, but still not back in ketosis

After observing thousands of peoples feedback regarding using these methods I have noticed about 10-15 percent of people still won’t be in ketosis. This is normal and takes a few adjustments. If you find yourself in this situation chances are you’re going to have to work a bit harder to get your ketone levels up. Simply consume more exogenous ketones or limit your carbohydrate intake for a longer period of time. You can also burn off excess glycogen and carbohydrates by working out, your body will utilize the sugars and use them as energy. Once your excess glycogen has burned off, you should find yourself back in ketosis.


So there you have it, the best and tested protocols to reach nutritional ketosis again. Diets are long term health solutions, you’re not going to have everyday be perfect. Shit happens and sometimes you find yourself in the fast food drive thru taking your kids to soccer practice. We have all been there and there is a reasonable solution to your problem. Next time you find yourself cheating on your diet while on Keto, give this protocol a shot and get back on track with your fitness goals.