Combating Keto Flu with Exogenous Ketones

 As the keto diet gains in demand, we are noticing more and more keto-related products overflowing the market. One of the most famous and best-known of these is the exogenous ketone supplement, which claims to cure the keto flu and increase the results of a keto diet.

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What is keto flu?

Keto flu belongs to a collection of symptoms that you may experience when you begin the keto diet. These are normally insignificant and short term, remaining between a few days and weeks. Signs of the keto flu incorporate nausea, headaches, vomiting, and fatigue. These symptoms emerge as your body becomes used to working with fewer carbohydrates and as it enters a state of ketosis. The symptoms arise from temporary irregularities in energy sources, insulin, and minerals in your body.


Why it has happened?

Carbohydrates are your body's principal energy source. On the keto diet, you decrease your carb consumption to less than 50 grams per day, linked with the suggested 200–300 g per day. When your body does not get sufficient carbs to use for energy, the liver starts to generate glucose for energy, using its reserves. This process is called glucogenesis. Ultimately, the liver will not be capable to generate sufficient glucose to keep up with the energy requirements of the body. Your body will later begin to burst down fatty acids, which will generate ketone bodies, in a process called ketogenesis. Body masses then use ketone bodies as fuel, and the body enters a phase of ketosis.

The medical association estimates nutritional ketosis to be safe for most maximum people. Still, people may encounter symptoms. The reduction of carbohydrates reduces the volume of insulin in the bloodstream. As a consequence, people may endure an increase in the amount of sodium, potassium, and water that is discharged in the urine, which will prompt dehydration. Insulin is also included in conveying glucose to your brain. Before your brain starts to utilize ketones for energy, it will have less fuel. This will happen for about the first 3 days of the diet before blood glucose restores to regular levels. Symptoms may decrease as your body enters a phase of nutritional ketosis. This affects the blood concentration of a particular ketone body, called BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate).

keto flu

Symptoms of keto flu

Symptoms of the keto flu are normally moderate, it begins when you start the diet, and may only remain a few days to a few weeks. They may ease off when your body enters a phase of ketosis.

According to one scientific form of the diet, keto flu can include the following symptoms:

  • headache
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • sleeplessness
  • difficulty with tolerating exercise
  • illness
  • diarrhea
  • general weakness
  • bad breath
  • muscle cramps
  • low energy
  • rash
  • dehydration
  • low blood sugar or hypoglycemia


 Combating Keto Flu with Exogenous Ketones Supplements

Exogenous ketones are ketones supplements that arise from outside the body. Exogenous ketones, the kinds of ketone supplements that include BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate salts, are used to increase the many certain results of the ketogenic diet. They can execute it more accessible to enter ketosis and also improve moderate side effects connected with the early stages of the keto diet, such as fatigue and brain confusion, which have been named “keto flu” signs.

Ketones are described as standard outputs of the breakdown of fats in your body. Ketone supplements simulate the consequences of ketones that are normally generated by our bodies under specific conditions, including when we are in ketosis, purposefully fasting or craving. Ketones are useful for our muscles, brains and other tissues throughout the times of anxiety. In fact, researchers consider that humans, and many other animal species, too, evolved the potential to create ketones in order to increase endurance through the periods of caloric loss.

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How Exogenous Ketones Supplements Combat Keto flu

  • Ketones are regarded as the most energy effective origin of fuel for the body, freeing high volumes of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is often regarded as the energy currency of life. Advantages correlated with the usage of ketone supplements, exogenous ketones involve:
  • Encourage you to get into ketosis more swiftly and efficiently. If you desire a break from the keto diet or training carb-cycling, you can also use ketone supplements to help to transition back the diet.
  • Decreasing keto side effects, which are most likely to happen during the first week of the diet and vary from person to person. These can involve diarrhea, cramping, nausea, constipation, bad breath, overall weakness, skin redness, irritation, headaches, and fatigue. While ketones have bundles of advantages, the change into the keto diet can be hard at first as your body makes some significant changes. Be calm, as symptoms normally recede within 1–2 weeks.
  • It helps in cognitive function, the common in keto flu. While the brain only considers 2% of the body’s weight, it considers for 20% of the body’s energy requirements on a regular basis. Typically the brain relies on glucose for fuel. However, through periods of low carbohydrate dieting, glucose is in low need, which can direct to brain fog and difficulty concentrating. Exogenous ketones, BHB supplements fast-acting fuel for the brain and are able to provide the brain with approximately 70% of its energy requirements. Moreover, BHB also uses general neuroprotective benefits including a decrease in free radicals, reduced neuroinflammation, and improved cognition in patients with insanity.
  • BHB Salts are a highly powerful, clear, and great tasting source of zero carb keto energy to feed your keto diet - Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts can help to increase physical and mental performance, decrease appetite, and reduce cravings so you can perform at your best in keto. Start using the best exogenous ketones supplement to fuel your keto diet improved energy and smash cravings.
  • You apparently know that many of its health benefits get from decreasing your blood sugar levels and developing your insulin sensitivity. More regular insulin sensitivity reduces inflammation in your body, benefits you sustain a healthy weight, and diminishes your risk of type 2 diabetes, which is seen in keto flu.

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Types of exogenous ketone supplements

Because there are several kinds of ketone products available that are utilized differently, always see directions and dosage instructions. There are three main kinds of exogenous ketone supplements:


  • Ketone salts or BHB salts are made when the ketones are wrapped to a salt — typically sodium or calcium, potassium, or magnesium to develop consumption rate. Sometimes ketone salts are applied to as BHB mineral salts or ketone mineral salts. Ketone salts are the most profoundly prescribed supplement for ketosis. The minerals allow you to more efficiently absorb the ketones, but here’s the complicated part: A high-quality supplement should only utilize just sufficient minerals to be useful normally less than 1 gram.Ketone esters which are fundamentally “raw ketones” that metabolize fast into BHB. In perfect Keto exogenous ketones, there are .68 grams of sodium, .32 grams of magnesium, and .59 grams of calcium, When choosing a keto salt product, recognize for those with the most precise list of ingredients. Several times manufacturers will lower corners by combining high-carb sweeteners and synthetic flavors, which can decrease the supplement’s effectiveness.


  • Ketone esters are supplements with raw BHB ketones, without any minerals or other mixtures tied to it. The advantage, you’re taking ketones in raw form, which can increase your blood ketone levels more promptly. Here’s the downside: Researches show keto esters do not raise your blood ketone levels for very long. In studies, a ketone ester drink was given to spike blood ketone levels originally, before immediately exchanging to normal levels. Ultimately, ketone esters are famous for having a shocking aftertaste. It can also create digestive discomfort in some people. If you’re looking for a supplement that will increase the amount of time you’re in ketosis, attach to keto salts.


  • MCT oil powder combined medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils powder includes medium-chain fatty acids that can benefit from the increase of ketones. MCTs can be seen in some high-fat foods, like coconut oil, or they can be used as a dietary supplement. The contrast here is that when you take ketone salts or ketone esters, your body is capable to utilize them for energy right away. In contrast, MCTs must be split down first before they can be employed for energy. MCTs also don’t boost ketone blood levels as much as keto salts or esters, but they do give a viable alternative for entering ketosis when nutrition isn’t sufficient.

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Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is the best type of ketone seen in most exogenous ketone supplements.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is the amplest type of ketone that humans create and the ketone obtained in most exogenous ketone supplements. Some products will give minerals/electrolytes that help to reduce keto flu, such as muscle weakness and digestive problems, as well as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that help with your regular creation of ketones.

Products may also combine additional components that sustain ketosis and reduce keto flu symptoms, such as bone brew, caffeine, flavorings, collagen, coffee, apple cider vinegar, and pro biotic. These components have multiple benefits, including serving to promote a healthy acknowledgment of daily stress and overwork, improving digestion, increasing muscle mass and performance, etc.

Fat-digesting enzymes, such as lipase, for example, may also be combined to maintain absorption of fatty acids or lipids and to split down fats into smaller parts that are easily absorbed.

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Here are suggestions on using ketone supplements depending on your aims and plan:

Ketone supplements like KETO BOOST can be utilized in between meals or before an exercise to give you a fast source of ketones. For guidance with exercise performance and improvement, use one portion/scoop about one hour before an exercise.

Exogenous ketones can be used with food or on an empty belly but maybe more effective if you take them on an empty stomach or when fasting. If you’re utilizing a powdered ketone supplement, try combining one scoop/following with nearly 12 ounces of water or plain almond milk, coffee or tea. Ketone drinks/smoothies can be used lukewarm or cold and can be tailored to your flavor preference with ingredients like stevia essence, cocoa, vanilla essence, etc.

You might employ exogenous ketones for roughly 3–5 days while you’re transitioning into ketosis. Use approximately 1/2 to 1 portion such as one scoop or 3–6 capsules per day.

Another way is to attempt having fewer amounts or doses diffused throughout the day so your body has a constant supply of energy coming in. Depending on the type of product you use, it might be suggested that you use 1/3–1/2 of a scoop/serving at a time, different times by day.

To improve keep keto side effects to a least, you might choose to have one scoop of a ketone product in the morning or to utilize half a portion of 1–3 times per day.

If you’re using keto capsules, a regular dose will be about 6 capsules every day with 8 ounces of water. Capsules can be used with or without food but perhaps most effective if you use them beginning in the morning.



Using the best exogenous ketones supplements to combat keto flu, begin ketosis faster, burn fat, or lose weight is a leading strategy. Supplements can even improve your work performance, enhance your mood, and increase your improvement. But it’s important to remember that you can’t improve or exercise your way out of a deficient diet. A proper diet joined with daily exercise will drive you more than supplements alone. Make sure that you eat the proper keto diet foods, eat enough healthy fats, track your net carbs, and trace your ketones.

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