Top 9 Health Benefits of Keto Diet

If you have been regularly updated yourself with the trends and popular diets across the world, you would have heard about the keto diet. The Keto Diet or the Ketogenic diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet plan offering more than just a weight loss.

The keto diet is designed in such a way that it helps you gain calories and fat from the protein. Disease prevention is another aspect that follows suit as you adapt your lifestyle to this diet plan. Hence, it is gaining popularity. By 2024, experts aim to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% globally.


How the Keto Diet Works for You

Keto diet works similarly to the Atkins diet. The first aspect of the diet is not to involve carbohydrate consumption. So, how will the body get its energy from? The diet has fat in it, and the body gets its energy from this. The reduction in carbohydrates helps the body to go into the ketosis phase. These ketoses are the Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Acetoacetate and acetone that are sent to the bloodstream. These ketoses supply energy to the brain as it reduces the insulin levels and alongside produces a host of health benefits.

Let us check out the numerous health benefits the diet has in store for you.


Weight Loss

    The first and the most significant benefit of the Keto Diet is the way it helps the body lose weight. As per a study by the Business Insider, many millennial participants have given a survey, and 31.1% have expressed a desire for the Keto diet. The diet is rich in protein and so it does not provide you with hunger pangs. People undergoing different diet plans often complain about these hunger pangs as being the reason for them to break their resolution and give in to temptation. So, when a diet works on reducing these hunger pangs, the result is going to be helpful for weight loss.

    The body goes into a metabolic state of Ketosis where the body becomes efficient in burning fat and turning it into Ketones in the liver. It then supplies this energy to the brain. People on this diet lost 2.2 times more weight than those on a low-calorie diet or a low-fat diet. 

    Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

    We all know the dangers of having high blood sugar levels. As per a study, after two weeks of the keto diet, the blood sugar level dropped to 6.2 mmol/I from 7.5 mmol/i. Everyone wants this figure. As per another study, people found the intake of keto diet improved their insulin sensitivity by a significant 75%. By going for the keto diet, many patients of diabetics type 2 were able to completely stop using their medications for the control of blood sugar. This is a great benefit and in comparison to those in the high-carb diet takers, this is much beneficial.


    Keep Heart Disease at Bay

      When you watch your keto diet, you also find disease prevention coming along with it. The diet works on reducing the risk of high blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. As per a 2017 study, the keto diet can reduce the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and lower low bad cholesterol, and, finally, high HDL cholesterol levels. All these, in short, signified excellent heart health and it prevents people from having a weak heart condition.

      The Keto diet you have should have 78% of calories from fat, and proteins should take up the 20% form the next portion leaving the last 4 or 5% to carbs. The low starch levels in food automatically work wonders on the heart. Researchers also noted that people who had plant-based proteins had a 23% lower risk of heart diseases.

      Reduce Acne Problems

      The research done recently in the UK has claimed that the keto diet works in two ways for cancer patients. Generally, all the cells use mitochondria in the cells to convert the glucose to chemical energy as per a study at a university. But in the case of cancerous cells, they speedily metabolize the glucose. However, the cancer cells do not use the mitochondria for the same. This has been the reason for many cancer people to reduce or completely stop taking sugar. But that does not mean that the reduced intake of sugar will in any way lead to complete disease prevention of cancer.

      This has been the work of Jung-Whan Kim, of the University of Texas. What Keto can do is boost cancer therapies like radiation and chemotherapy. The research also found that the ketogenic diet and reduced blood glucose reduced the growth of the tumors from progressing. It was found while studying animal models for malignant glioma, colon, cancer, prostate cancer, and gastric cancer.


      For Parkinsons Treatment

      People who have Parkinson’s disease or PD tend to find it difficult to walk or have other issues like dementia or depressions because of the degenerating dopamine production in the brain. The drugs for Parkinson's’ might lose its efficacy over time. On research, to see the benefits, a group had undergone the Keto diet to see if it works for the better. The doctor and nutritionist put patients suffering from Parkinsons’s disease on a Keto diet. He found great relief from the shakiness but was not able to continue with the diet. Nevertheless, when we check the results, we have to understand how the diet helps.

      The Ketone bodies may not be bothering the path in the brain that works on giving more energy. On checking the diet on animals, these Ketone bodies were found to have significant benefits on the neurons and heal them with their anti-inflammatory properties. Nevertheless, it is better to go for the keto diet under the supervision and on the guidance of your nutritionist.

      Epilepsy Control

      The keto diet has found a great response who has epilepsy. The researchers have observed that children suffering from epilepsy who had taken the Keto diet had great relief. There were 10% of these patients with more than 90% minor seizures and around 50% of them experiencing less than 50% seizures. These figures are encouraging. Remember, for the results to show, the children must be on a diet for at least three months. They will however, need to continue with their anti-seizure medicines. Then, consult the doctor if you find lesser occurrences of seizures in between who then might reduce their medications.

      The diet has shown proper results in people suffering from other forms of epilepsy like infantile epilepsy, Doose syndrome, Dravel syndrome, Rett syndrome, among others. The keto diet has found significant efficacy in reducing the focal seizures in children primarily. One might consider going for this diet unless the child has some mitochondria-related or metabolism-related issues.


      Ease Problem of PCOS in Women

      Excessive weight and high insulin levels have always plagued the women suffering from PCOS. This said the PCOS might even prevent women from bearing children or have normal menstrual cycles. Hence, a study was conducted on women suffering from PCOS. They had to go on a Keto diet for six months, and they found drastic changes. They reduced their weight, improved their hormonal condition, and body hair. A few of them also became pregnant despite having problems with the same earlier.

      Again, in 2017, they found that low-carb diets reduced the circulation of insulin levels and improved hormonal imbalance. It therefore, helped in ovulation in time and even improved their fertility overall.

      Improve Brain Functions

      The ketoses might be getting the energy from the ketoses released in the bloodstream. However, is it strong enough to help the brain function smoothly? In many cases, the brain might have insufficient energy production. During any stressful phase, these ketoses might channelize their functions to work on cell metabolism. Here keto diet comes to play better. The diet boosts the number of mitochondria to create energy for the body and better than the energy that the brain receives from the glucose. High oxidants working in the nervous system and blood might be causing a stroke, aging, and more nervous severe degeneration.

      Keto diets directly work on the production of several antioxidants with the help of increased action of the glutathione peroxidase. Since the Keto diet does not have too much carb intake, glucose production is also limited thankfully. A study on 23 older adults with mild cognitive impairment proved that the diet improved their memory performance after six weeks. Similarly, experts found satisfying results in doing a similar study on a group of Alzheimer’s patients. These point towards one thing- the effect of ketoses in blood.


      Reduce Acne

      The low glucose and the low carbs have significant benefits on the sebaceous glands of the skin. Hence, the keto diet has found many takers for reducing acne. Increased androgens cause high levels of oil and sebum secretion. The skin cell starts malfunctioning, not speeding up the skin cells shedding. It causes the clogging of the pores and the formation of acne. In the sixties, sugar-laden foods and refined carb foods are directly responsible for acne. Now, the researches prove that it is carbohydrates causing acne. A study observed that on having a Keto diet, people found a decrease in the insulin, in IGF-1 and anti-inflammation on skin. In short, Keto diets have proven their efficacy in reducing the impact of acne.

      To summarize it all, we have to admit that the Keto diet has proven results in disease prevention. What we must remember is to continue the diet under the supervision of a physician or nutritionist and for at least three weeks for a noticeable improvement in health.

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