Cognitive Benefits from Keto


Have you ever noticed after eating a big carbohydrate meal you want to just plop down on your  bed and take a snooze? Well, that’s because you just ingested a ton of glucose and you’re about to experience a sugar crash.

You see a carbohydrate is a form of energy that is readily broken down into glucose. Once this happens your body is flooded with sugars and you’re on your way to take a nap shortly after.

This can obviously be a huge downside to eating a carbohydrate rich diet as well as a high calorie diet.

But don’t worry we have the solution for you, the keto diet a diet rich in protein and fats. Fats take longer to be broken down in your body and therefore create sustained energy over a longer period if time. Before we get into the science of the cognitive benefits of keto lets list some key benefits the typical keto dieter experiences.

benefits of keto


  • Helps with epilepsy
  • Helps with Alzheimer's disease
  • Improved neurotransmitter health
  • Migrane Help
  • Improvements in Parkinson’s disease

 Most people start the keto diet because of desired fat loss, but the benefits cognitively from keto truly make this diet unique and a true investment into your health. Lets deep dive into some examples regarding these unique benefits.

Helps with epilepsy - In a randomized study of 102 children, 30% of those who followed the modified Atkins diet experienced a 90% or greater reduction in seizures this study can be found HERE.

 In a 2020 study on refractory epilepsy, children who adopted the classic ketogenic diet for 6 months saw their seizure frequency decrease by 66% this study can be found HERE. 

 Helps with Alzheimers disease - Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia It’s a progressive disease where the brain develops plaques and tangles that cause memory loss

 In a 2009 study of 152 people with Alzheimer’s disease, those who received an MCT supplement for 90 days had much higher ketone levels and a significant improvement in brain function compared with a control group this study can be found HERE.

 Improved neurotransmitter health- Neurotransmitters are essentially your brains electric board that help send signals throughout your brain. Keto decreases glutamate which can cause insomnia, mood swings and social anxiety. The keto diet has also been shown to improve something called GABA, now if you have a deficiency in GABA some of the most common side effects are insomnia and increased stress with social environments and anxiety, all things we can all agree on we would all like to improve on to some extent.

 Improving Migraines- Consuming a low number of carbs on a keto diet forces your body to shift its metabolism from using carbs as fuel to using ketones. These ketones have been suggested to alleviate migraine.

benefits of keto


 In short we can conclude that utilizing the keto diet has scientifically backed research that improves your brains function, and after all you can have all the money in the world and all of the wealth in the world, but without your brains ability to function properly how are you supposed to enjoy all of the wonderful things the world has to offer. Give the keto diet a try and see for yourself!