Is sucralose keto friendly?

Alright this is a question we get a lot at Awakened Labz, Is sucralose keto friendly? The short Answer is yes. When we had the option to choose sweeteners we understood this was one of many important decisions we had to make. It was important to our consumer and us as well. Quite frankly what matters is what formula works the most efficiently and makes the consumer happy.

 In this article we will go through what lead us to the conclusion that sucralose was keto friendly and why your preferred keto product would have sucralose as the primary sweetener.


Is sucralose keto friendly

Taste is a Factor

Alright I personally come from a world view where I’ve been consuming supplements for about 13 years now. Supplements now taste significantly better than they did when I was growing up. Supplements used to be flavored with very basic flavors like lemon or if you were going to get really crazy, something like fruit punch.

Now we live in a world where supplements have been accepted by the main stream consumer market and in my opinion they complain alot. Consumers heads would explode if they were transported back 10 years ago and tasted supplements.

But regardless innovation is essential and products should always improve over time. When we went to our manufacturer we had the options of aspartame, sucralose, monk fruit extract, and stevia. We tested out all four options and the clear winner was sucralose when it came to taste. Any other ingredient as a sweetener distorted the flavor profile immensely and would not have been accepted by consumers.

Is sucralose keto friendly

Sucralose and carbs


So obviously you can’t use regular sugar in a keto products because that would entail you eating something that would directly effect your natural levels of ketones. I repeat, do not eat carbohydrates on the keto diet. You would be surprised how many people don’t realize this.

What makes sucralose the perfect sweetener for keto is the fact your body does not digest it, sucralose was designed to mimic sugar but pass through your digestive tract without being absorbed which is why it doesn’t contain and calories or carbohydrates.

Does Sucralose effect blood sugar?

Pure sucralose which we use in our products does not effect your blood sugar levels , which supports the statement its keto friendly. People often associated sucralose as an ingredient that raises your blood sugar which would not be a keto friendly side effect. Thats because most products use fillers in their products like maltodextrin and dextrose, we do not.

I’m honestly not sure why companies use filler ingredients in their products. I assume its because they want to trick consumers into believing they are getting more bang for their buck. Personally I find this to be insanely unethical, primarily for the fact that when you use filler ingredients you aren’t telling the consumer what they are consuming. I believe in transparent labels that don’t contain a “proprietary blend”. Proprietary blends are sneaky ways for supplement companies to throw in cheap ingredients into a product and not list the specific amount of each ingredient. I mean hell, we’re proud of are ingredient list compared to the price of the product, we want you to know what you’re paying for.

Is sucralose keto friendly


In conclusion Sucralose is keto friendly, it contains no calories or carbs because it passes through your digestive system. It does not raise blood sugar levels because we don’t use fillers and its the best option for taste. There is a reason why we have such a high success rate and that’s because not only is sucralose the superior ingredient it taste the best as well. A quick survey of other exogenous ketone products will show you this.