Speed Up Your Way To Ketosis

In this short post, we will give you some information that will clarify why you should consider supplementing with BHB supplements if you are planning to start the keto journey. You will learn what BHB keto supplements are and how they can help your new diet regimen. Let's go!

speed up your way to ketosis

What Is BHB?


Beta-HydroxyButyrate (BHB) is a ketone body we naturally produce when in ketosis. In fact, of all ketones, our body produces the most BHB, about 80%. The other two ketones are acetoacetate and acetone.

As you probably know, the ketogenic diet owes its name to ketones, bodies naturally produced when there are not enough carbohydrates in our organism. When you significantly reduce carbs in your diet, your body will enter the state of ketosis, where it burns fat for fuel instead of sugar. Raised blood ketone levels characterize this state, and it is called ketosis.

So, in the state of ketosis, our body mostly uses fat for energy, but for some processes (such as brain function), it uses ketones. BHB is the most abundant ketone, and the most stable, which is why our body uses it the most.

 speed up your way to ketosis

Why Supplement With BHB, If Our Body Makes Its Own?


A good question. Yes, our body adapts and starts producing ketones (BHB included) on its own, but that doesn't happen overnight. In fact, the process is slow, and it is anything but pleasant. Your whole life, you were a carbs-first machine, and now your body needs to adapt to using fat as fuel and making more ketones than ever before.

The transition phase can be very uncomfortable, often resulting in flu-like symptoms: headaches, overall weakness, nausea, irritability. When you enter ketosis, the keto flu will pass, but the symptoms can hit you hard until you do.


BHB—Hacking The Process


Supplementing with BHB salts speeds up the keto adaptation process. This is the central benefit of this supplement, as it will drastically cut the time needed to enter ketosis. In fact, you will experience the ketosis-like boost just by taking this supplement, which will help you focus better and raise your energy levels.

Furthermore, because BHB is tied to minerals (salts), taking these kinds of supplements will reduce keto flu symptoms. The loss of electrolytes causes most of those symptoms, and salts are one of the best ways to replenish the reserves.

Of course, only taking these supplements without following a ketogenic diet is next to useless. But, if you do follow a keto diet, you will find BHB supplements a valuable ally, especially in those hard adaptation days.

 speed up your way to ketosis



We recommend Keto Boost a state-of-the-art BHB supplement. It will almost instantly raise your ketone levels, which will have effects on your energy levels but also trigger fat burning. It will help you get over the keto-adaptation period faster, enabling you to enjoy the full-blow ketosis, burning fat while not feeling hungry.

You can also check our Awakened stack, a motherload of keto supplements that will help you start and stay in ketosis, but also give you the necessary kick to remain consistent in the gym while adapting.


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