The Top 5 Reasons to Be on the Keto Diet

The Top 5 Reasons to Be on the Keto Diet

1. Stop Depriving Yourself of Tasty, Nutritious Food

With many diets, you’re stuck eating bland, boring foods. If you’re choking down kale juice for every meal or buying expensive ancient-grain flour at the health food store, you might start to second-guess the trendy diet that you’ve been on. Even worse, some diets require that you deprive yourself of vital nutrients, which is worse for you in the long run. But with keto, you’re eating nutrient-rich and delicious real foods! Have some butter or cheese with your vegetables and enjoy a grilled steak – these things are all part of the keto diet!

2. Have Consistent, Vibrant Energy Every Day 

When you’re on the ketogenic diet, your goal is to stay in ketosis, which basically means that you’re getting energy from your body fat instead of getting your energy from the glycogen in carbohydrate-rich foods. When you’re eating a standard diet, your body depends on the carbs for its energy, and you run out of energy quickly because your body only stores a limited amount of glycogen. But on the keto diet, your energy levels will remain steady since your energy isn’t dependent on eating carbs constantly. Many keto dieters find themselves with a supply of energy that just keeps going!

top 5 reasons to be on the keto diet

3. Stay In Control Of Your Appetite and Your Weight

The keto diet wasn’t originally intended as a weight-loss diet, but it gained its reputation because it really does have powerful effects on many peoples’ appetites and their weight. If you need to lose weight or curb your out-of-control cravings, keto may be the perfect diet for your needs. There are many doctors that prescribe the keto diet to overweight and/or diabetic patients in an effort to improve their overall wellbeing.

top 5 reasons to be on the keto diet

4. Fight Against Heart Disease

Heart disease claims the lives of thousands of people every day. Many of these deaths are preventable. While there are genetic components to heart disease, the truth is, you can control many aspects of heart health with diet and lifestyle changes. In addition to exercising daily, you can use a ketogenic diet to help balance your cholesterol levels and fight against heart disease! Doctors have found that a keto diet can help increase HDL and lower triglyceride levels, which in turn can reduce heart disease risk.

top 5 reasons to be on the keto diet

5. Stabilize Your Insulin Levels to Fight Pre-Diabetes and Type II Diabetes

When you’re using carbs as your primary energy source, your blood sugar levels will constantly rise and fall. We already discussed how this impacts you when it comes to energy levels, but it impacts you on deeper levels as well. If you’re at risk for Type II diabetes, this becomes especially important to pay attention to. Cutting out carbs can be a big help when it comes to stabilizing your insulin levels and warding off Type II diabetes. There are studies showing that keto can reduce key markers of this deadly disease. In fact, some people claim that the keto diet has actually reversed their Type II diabetes!

The best news is that keto might be easier than you think. It’s true that it takes some work and a bit of sacrifice, but at Awakened Labz, we make it easier to stay in ketosis with our high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate supplements. The benefits will be well worth it when you’re living a happier, healthier life!


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