How to tell if you are over training

Nothing is worse than over training, you’re spending more time in the gym and losing results. Now you have the best intentions but for some reason your gains are decreasing and that in itself can make you want to give up.

 This is something I’ve made the mistake of doing in the past so don’t feel too bad, we’ve all done this before. In this quick article I’m going to help you determine if you’re over training and how to fix it!

how to tell if you are over training

Signs you’ve been over training

  • Loss of strength
  • Decreased lean muscle mass
  • No energy to workout

Loss of strength and decreased muscle mass - Loss of strength and decreased muscle mass  is a pain in the ass, you’re going to the gym and for some reason your bench press max keeps going down. Here is how you solve it! Eat more protein and train less frequently. The process of building muscle is quite simple, you tear down the muscle through training and releasing lactic acid which destroys the muscle then you rebuild it with calories and more importantly protein! Imagine you are digging a ditch with a shovel and overnight someone named Arnold fills back up the hole with some dirt, but they don’t quite fill up the hole to its original state. Now Arnold will throw more dirt on the ditch until there is more dirt than you original dug up. You and Arnold do this for weeks until he is out working you and you’re left with a giant pile of dirt where you originally dug the ditch. That is the relationship between you tearing up your muscles and rebuilding them every night.

 This relationship is actually a healthy relationship, the more you and Arnold go at it, the more strength and lean muscle mass you accumulate. Don’t break your bff relationship with Arnold he’s the reason you’re improving.

 No energy to workout - Having energy to workout is quite simple, you need calories and clean food to fuel your workouts. If you are burning more calories than you are putting in your body it can be a bit difficult to maximize your energy while working out. Simply eat more CLEAN FOOD and you’ll repair your body efficiently.

how to tell if you are over training

Another tip you might want to consider is if you can’t get a “pump” while working out , using a pre workout like Keto Pre-1 will help to push through your workouts, Now if supplements aren’t your thing, making sure you have a meal before you workout that is high in sodium can help with this as well.

Salt is a vasodilator and can increase blood flow while you workout. Most pre workouts have an ingredient called citrulline malate which works as a vasodilator and helps get you that elusive energy and pump you’ve been missing!


Sometimes doing less is more when it comes to improving you bodies performance and look, everyone is different so results and strategy will vary. Experiment with food intake and rest then you should be able to find a happy medium for your desired goals!