How to decrease waist size

 Alright we could all use a smaller waist, the smaller your waist is the bigger your muscles look and the more aesthetically pleasing we become. Over the last few years I have gone back and fourth with this issue and today I’m going to give you the inside scoop on what I’ve learned the last 15 years of lifting.

Throughout this article we will be going through what works and what doesn’t work when trying to decrease waist size. Some of the information out there can be quite harmful in my opinion when it comes to gimmick oriented methods for decreasing waist size, so we will address that as well.

You can’t target fat loss

 Here is a big misconception when it comes to fat loss, “If I train abs my waist will get smaller”. This is simply bull shit, weight loss is an overall process that your body goes through, simply adding in more ab exercises will not decrease your waist. That being said it will develop your muscles underneath your fat though, so when you do lose the weight.. your abs will look pretty awesome.

how to decrease waist size

 Do waist trainers work?

Technically yes they do work, your waist will become smaller due to using a waist trainer or corset. That being said though this happens because you start shifting your internal organs around, so I highly suggest you don’t do this if you are looking for healthy long term results.

Does training weighted abs help me decrease waist size?

I see quite a few people training abs with weights and why this can be fine if you are looking to increase core strength, it will actually increase your muscles size and therefore your waist as well. I recommend doing abs with your own bodyweight to avoid getting a large waist. Exercises like crunches , roman chair leg lifts and bicycles are your best bet to getting a tight six pack that you’ll enjoy!

how to decrease waist size

Do fat loss creams work?

Fat loss creams typically won’t decrease actual fat loss in specific areas but they can help you retain less water weight in certain areas of your body. On another note if you are looking to lose weight through supplements your best bet is always through oral consumption. The idea that you’ll absorb an ingredient through your skin better than through oral consumption is a lie. Your best bet when trying to lose weight through supplementation is through a powder or pill product.

how to decrease waist size


We went over some basic rules to decrease waist size, over the last 15 years I’ve experimented with the best method for this because I happen to complete in bodybuilding. A small waist is preferred when competing. I have found 10-15 minutes of bodyweight ab workouts three times a week was perfect for me to accomplish this. This has also been true for all of my clients. And remember nothing will give you better results than your diet when slimming down your waist!