Best Workouts for Abs

Six-packs are not created the same. Although other guys need to work on their belly to exhaustion before the abs can spring forth, although other people seem to get their abs to flourish without a single push-up or sit-up. Irrespective of where you fit on the spectrum of fitness, train effectively, the core all comes down to the planes of motion, i.e., transverse, sagittal, and frontal. Although doing abs exercises in a circuit style keeps the intensity high and will most likely result in more fat loss.

best workouts for abs

 Abs are much more than that attractive chiseled torso and an excuse to show off your packs in a hug-tight t-shirt. They are also one of the most important muscles in the body. A major function of abs is that it helps takeout back pain and maintain a better posture.

 However, conditioned midsection muscles will also transfer across your other lifts in a week, which helps the number go up and across the week of training. Engaging in compound moves, i.e., squats, overhead work, bench presses, deadlift, etc., will require stability of the core to lift big and assist in being injury-free. Abs exercises require more effort, time, and detailed attention as any other muscle group in any part of the body. It is, therefore, important to perform the right exercises to get that shirt-tightening torso.

best workouts for abs

Benefits of Abs Workouts

  Having visible abs is just the tip of the iceberg when you train your core. There are almost limitless benefits of having a fortified mid-section that is applicable to everyone. Below are some of the benefits of ab workouts, these include;

You eliminate back pain with abs exercise: Many people stay away from work or productivity is declined due to back pain related issues. With a core-focused workout regime, this 4-move back workout is quite effective and can takeout back pain. You can make use of side plants rather than crunches or just sit-ups.

You get to hit many personal best: this means when you have stalled your big lifts as a result of lack of accessory work and weaker core limiting you. Help yourself by lifting heavy weights for more reps creating more force within your body, and keeping your back safe.

Improved body posture: your core training can help you stand straight. When you engage in a long hour pilates session, you notice improvements in your postural stability and exercises.

Better Stability and Balance: a strong core keeps the torso in a stable position whenever they move regardless if you are doing chores or playing sports, which is the same as your daily routine and training sessions.

Makes a better athlete: you can dominate your sport with a strong core that helps transfer power to the fore and hind limbs. It makes you to be able to drive further, send a harder punch, move a ball with more force hence improving your ability as a better athlete at any sport.

You are more strengthened with ab exercises: when you do more of core and instability exercises like single-leg moves can help improve your agility and flexibility.

    best workouts for abs

    Best Workout For Abs To Try

    Barbell Floor Wiper: Lie flat back on the floor with your arms extended while holding the barbell above your chest. Keep your arms fixed straight to raise your legs to the L-shaped position. Then lower your leg to each side and the back up without touching the ground.

    Medicine Ball Slam: be on your two knees while slightly bent, lift the medicine ball over your head and your arms fully extended. Stand up with the balls on your feet and make use of your core muscles to throw the ball to the ground as you bend forward at the waist region. Catch the ball and continue to do this. The motion will train your abs and will also give you strong shoulders.

    Side Jackknife: lay down on the floor on your side while extending your left arm and your right hand bent to your head with your elbow bent out. Be sure your right leg is on top of the left. Bring your right elbow to your left leg as you lift your body up and contracting your obliques as well as slowly lowering yourself before swapping sides after rep.

    Dragon Flag: lay your back on the bench, and your hand is holding the bench behind your head. Bring your knees straight to your chest and kick out the ceiling while raising your body with your shoulders still on the bench. Keep your body straight and slowly move down. You will burn in your lower back and burn in your abs.

    Cable Woodchopper: arrange the cable machine to the highest position with and stand side on both weights and your back against the machine. Hold onto the handle with both hands and step away from the tower with your feet shoulder-width at a distance. Extend your arms completely and pull the handle down and across your body while you rotate your torso. Bend your knees and hinge your back foot while you return slowly to the original position while swapping sides after set.

    Cocoon: Lie flat on your back with your arms extended fully behind your head and your feet slightly off the ground. Pull your knees towards your chest, and raise your backside off the floor while you raise your arms over your head as you do the crunch and keep at it.

    Sandbag Sit-up: lay down with your back on the ground and knees bent upwards. Hold up a sandbag above you with your arms extended and crush forward. As you pressurize your core, your body performs a V-shape with your thighs. Lower down carefully and repeat.

    Hanging Leg Raise: grasp a pull-up bar and make a V-shape with your arms and slowly yourself into a dead hang. Put your feet together and raise your legs till they are perpendicular to the torso while you are keeping them straight. Then, lower your back slowly to the position you started with.

    Superman with a Twist: Lay on your stomach and place your hands on your head. Lift your torso and twist your chest from side to side. This move targets your ads but can also help fight excruciating back pain.

    Dish Rocks: Make sure your legs are straight while sitting up, then extend your hands above your head. Lift your legs to make your body take the shape of a dish. Keep your body rigid as you rock back and forth to strengthen your core.

    best workouts for abs

    Best Workout for Upper Abs

    Dumbbell Crunch: Lay on your back while holding a dumbbell or weight plate across your chest in both arms. Lift your torso and lower it while maintaining tension in your upper abs throughout.

    Tuck and Crunch: Lay down with your hands by your head and legs raised with your knees bent at 90 degrees angle. At the same time, lift your torso and pull your knees towards your chest. Keep your fingers by your temples throughout and start each rep smoothly, ensuring you did not jerk up your torso. Be sure your feet do not touch the floor between reps.

    Crunch: Lay on your back with your feet planted and your knees bent, and your arms crossed across your chest. Raise your torso using your abs. Your upper abs will be close to fatigue, however, try to hold the top position of each rep for at least a second to ensure they work as hard as possible.

    best workouts for abs

    Lower Abs Workout

    Hanging Leg Raise: here is a call for a warning, this is a tough exercise that sets the tone for what is to be a ruthless workout involving about 4 different hanging exercises. Begin in a dead hang with your legs straight and your ankles & knees in contact. Place them together as you lower your abs to lift them, and then lower back to begin under control.

    Hanging Knee Raise Twist: Begin in a dead hang with your legs straight and knees together. Twist your body and lift your knees to one side, then go back to the start. Keep at it while alternating sides.

    Hanging Knee Raise: is quite a slightly easier variation on the hanging leg raise, which still puts a lot of pressure on the lower abs. Begin in a dead hang and raise your knees powerfully to activate more of the muscle fibers located in the lower abs. Slowly lower your back to begin under control to avoid swinging.

    best workouts for abs

      One of the ab training tips to note is that deadlifts are all the work needed; this is wrong. Plank hold and press-ups are more effective than deadlifts and heavy back squats, especially for core activation. 

      best workouts for abs


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