Best Workout for Shoulders


  Shoulders are the most engaged muscles in the upper body. They are quite functional in most actions that come one's way. The shoulder can move in almost 360 degrees rotation, not to mention the fact that a well-built, thick, and broad shoulder is quite impressive to the eye.

best workout for shoulders


Shoulders are an essential part of one's muscle, so why is it that almost everyone cannot build a well-balanced and thick-set, you ask? Well, the first and crucial step to ensure this is consuming optimum calories to build body mass. Observe your current diet and incorporate whey protein supplement to your diet if needed. Here you will get to know more about the muscle group in the shoulder and their function, their location, as well as some bodybuilding and strength training exercise to help train your shoulder. Also, you will get to be introduced to some workout programs that can help train your small-sized knobs into huge balls of muscles.

best workout for shoulders

For the shoulder, gains come quicker to this part than anywhere else in your body. As a man, it starts to broaden out to the top to the slim waist and take the shape of a coveted v-shaped. The advantages of working and training your shoulders are not restricted to gains only. Well, according to research by the Department of Orthopedics of Karolinska Hospital, it states that patients with frequent shoulder dislocation should perform exercises targeted to the rotator cuff muscles as well as the deltoid. Patients who did this to the later were relieved from body pain, and the number of dislocations they felt was reduced. So, for the greater good of your overall health and how to train your shoulder to pump- up, this article explains some of the best exercises and lifestyle choices that help build shoulder muscle fast.

best workout for shoulders

Is It Possible to Change Shoulder Width?

Humans' shoulder width can be transformed to a certain extent, however, you cannot change your bone structure as it is determined mostly by genes. This also includes your collarbone width, which is an essential part of the width of your shoulder. Nevertheless, you can develop and build up your shoulder muscle with a commitment to training. You can choose your training methods to strengthen your shoulder and make it stronger, giving it that aesthetically pleasing and wider look. To do this, you will have to work on all parts of your shoulders i.e., back, side, and front, and train it till it is well-developed. Training your shoulder can also help correct sloping or rounded shoulders. To do this, you need to concentrate on the deltoids or your delts. These consist of three different sets of muscle fibers namely;

Anterior deltoid: is the front section of the shoulder.

Posterior deltoid: this is the back or rear part of the shoulder.

Lateral or Medial deltoid: this is the middle section of the shoulder.

best workout for shoulders

The Extrinsic Muscles of the Shoulder

Trapezius: is a triangle-shaped muscle that runs across the shoulder blade and along the spine. Humans have left and right trapezius, and these muscles support the shoulders and arms. The trapezius is needed to move and raise the arms.

Latissimus Dorsi: This muscle is considered one of the largest muscles in one's back and is partially covered by the trapezius. When you develop your Latissimus Dorsi, it makes it easier for one to manage one’s body weight.

Levator Scapulae: this muscle is located at the back and side of one's neck. Its major function is to lift the scapular i.e., the triangle-shaped bone found at the back of one's shoulder that connects one's humerus with the clavicle i.e., the collarbone.

Rhomboids: is the muscle at the middle and top of the back of one’s shoulder blade. When contracted, it pulls your shoulder blade together.

best workout for shoulders

The Intrinsic Muscle of the Shoulder.

Deltoids: is made up of three major sets of muscle fibers i.e., the lateral, anterior, and posterior, which are linked by a very thick tendon and are fixed into a V-shape. Deltoid muscles are majorly responsible for the rotation of the arm, however, it is also functional in stopping the injury and dislocation to the humerus when carrying huge and heavy loads.

Rotator Cuff: is a group of tendons and muscles, including a teres minor that surrounds the shoulder joint. Rotator Cuff keeps the head of one’s upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder.

Teres Major: is a small muscle found on the underside of one’s upper arm. It is sometimes referred to as “lat’s little helper” due to its partnership with the extrinsic muscle latissimus dorsi.

best workout for shoulders

Some Types of Shoulder Workouts to Try

The shoulder has way too many muscles, hence no one exercise will be effective on all the muscles. Therefore, the following exercises are targeted at different shoulder muscles. No shoulder session is complete without these exercises; however, if you are thinking of how to incorporate these exercises into your routine, then follow these shoulder training workout types you can consider. These include;

Barbell Standing Press: This is a staple for most bodybuilders looking to train their shoulders, however, it is also effective for the whole body. It also helps with mass bodybuilding. Barbell Standing Press is quite good for strengthening one’s core and increasing the entire strength as a result of the stability aspect of this movement. Begin with your hardest move to be sure you have the core strength to sustain a perfect shape.

Seated Dumbbell Press: set up your barbell and a pair of dumbbells, as they are all that is needed for the rest of your workout. Then locate a bench and sit to help isolate the motion of the shoulder. This is quite great for standing weights and also having the freedom of using dumbbells. You can take out loads off your feet and put a load in your deltoids.

Arnold Raise: named after the predator-killing inventor and Mr. Universe-winner. The rotation and movement at the end of this exercise hit more than the standard press to fill out that V-shape. Arnold Press is also a nice way to do a conventional press while adjusting to target the rear deltoids.

Lateral Raise: the more you perform these raises slowly, the more it will hurt, and the better it will make you look. Lateral raises are great for isolating the medial deltoid. They are mostly used with higher reps and lighter weight. To show it hurts, you will still be gritting your teeth by the end of your third set.

Bent over reverse fly: is a lateral raise variant that will hit you where it hurts working both back and shoulders. Bent over reverse fly is one of the best exercises for targeting the posterior deltoid. For the extra focus on the movement and stabilizing thing, be sure to place a bench at 45 degrees and perform this movement while lying face level and see atlas-level shoulder await you.

Upright row: this is another great mass builder. You need to get your shoulders higher than your hands for a high contraction of the deltoid. The upright row also targets the traps. With these compound moves like this, you get to benefit from much heavier fare rather than raises, permitting for fewer reps and bigger weights to keep delts in shock.

Front raises: this is perfect for anyone that has gone through the routine and feels short in the front. It is unlikely that the front delts need more work, therefore spend more time on posterior and lateral deltoids. On the other hand, if you feel you want to hit your anterior deltoids harder, then a front raise is the ideal choice for you. Also, high reps and low weights help you maintain shape for those thick gains.

best workout for shoulders


Now that you are familiar with these training or workouts ideal for that shirt-bursting form, it is imperative to note that before embarking, you need to speak with an expert. Have a chat with your doctor or a fitness coach/enthusiast.

Be sure to speak with a doctor before beginning your exercise program. This is quite important if you are new to exercise or have any injuries. Be careful not to do any exercise that can trigger severe discomfort or pain. It is highly recommended you exercise under the supervision of a trained expert.

Always take heed to caution if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, or any other life-threatening conditions that may be affected by exercise. It may be a good idea, to begin with, a much gentler routine if you suffer from high blood pressure. Gradually build up in terms of your duration and intensity of workouts to avoid injury. Use proper alignment and good posture at all times when engaging in any shoulder workout. Be sure you do not strain, stress, or force any movements. Make use of an accurate weight that is not too hefty.

best workout for shoulders

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