Body Cleanse and Repair

Primal Detox™️


Are you ready to feel refreshed and energized?  Cleansing your body of toxins just got a lot easier with Primal Detox™️  on your side. Primal Detox™️ is a complete body cleanse support product, designed to help aid in organ health and weight loss. This Product contains 30 servings 

✅ Detox Your Body
✅ Weight Loss
✅ Increase Organ Health
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Whats in primal detox?

Milk Thistle 250MG: Milk thistle is sometimes used as a natural treatment for liver problems. These liver problems include cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. Some claim milk thistle may also: Provide heart benefits by lowering cholesterol levels.

Dandelion Root 250MG: In traditional Chinese and Native American medicine, dandelion root has long been used to treat stomach and liver conditions. Herbalists today believe that it can aid in the treatment of many ailments, including acne, eczema, high cholesterol, heartburn, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes

Cranberry extract 300MG: Cranberry Extract is packed with antioxidants and can help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections in some people. Also, they may promote heart health, improve blood sugar control, boost immunity and protect against cancer, cavities and stomach ulcers.

Ginger Root Extract 300MG: The Active Ingredient in Ginger Can Help Fight Infections. Gingerol, the bioactive substance in fresh ginger, can help lower the risk of infections. In fact, ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria

Ginseng Root Extract 450MG: Ginseng has been used for improving overall health. It has also been used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease.

Niacin 20 MG: A nutrient in the vitamin B complex that the body needs in small amounts to function and stay healthy. Niacin helps some enzymes work properly and helps skin, nerves, and the digestive tract stay healthy

How do I use Primal Detox?

Primal Detox is best taken after eating, we recommend one serving per day for best results.

How do I know if Primal Detox is right for me?

Primal Detox is for anyone who’s looking to repair and regenerate organ health. It’s all natural and perfect for overall health and fat loss.

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