Hair, Skin and Nails

Primal Pearl™️


Primal Pearl is our Hair, Nail and Skin Enhancer. Packed with the top performing ingredients to help with regenerating your bodies hair, skin and nails. Pearl™️ will have your hair coming in thicker , your nails strong and health and your skin looking moisturized and healthy.

✅ Improved Skin
✅ Improved Hair 
✅ Improved Nails
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Whats In Primal Pearl?

Biotin 1% (Vitamin b7) 100 MG - Biotin is a B vitamin found in food. It helps the body convert food into energy and plays many other important roles in health. Biotin boosts the health of the hair and nails, supports a healthy pregnancy, and helps manage blood sugar levels, among other benefits.

Sodium Hyaluronate 100 MG - Sodium Hyaluronate helps to restore the skin's moisture, promoting a more revitalized and youthful complexion. Sodium Hyaluronate is gentle enough for use on most skin types, including acne-prone types. Sodium Hyaluronate smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and improves the skin's texture.

Vitamin E 200 MG - In addition to providing cell protection, vitamin E is vital to a functioning immune system. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps cells fight off infection. This vitamin also helps protect eyesight.

Watermelon Juice (powder) 200 MG - In addition to being a delicious fruit, watermelon can also be used as a skin-care product. The rinds can help calm skin inflammation, while the seeds boost collagen in your body. Watermelon is also loaded with Vitamin E, which rejuvenates your skin.

Blood Orange Extract 450 MG - This powerful antioxidant mops up cancer-causing free radicals in the body. Since the most brightly colored foods are also the ones packed with the most cancer-fighting antioxidants, blood oranges are a powerhouse of nutrition.

Kelp Extract 450 MG - Kelp is high in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which help fight against disease-causing free radicals. Antioxidant minerals, such as manganese and zinc, help combat oxidative stress and may help protect cardiovascular health and prevent cancer.

How Do I Use Primal Pearl?

Primal Pearl is best taken after you eat. we recommend one to two servings per day for best results.

How Do I know If Primal Pearl right for me?

Primal Pearl is for anyone looking to enhance their hair skin and nails.

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