Why you need to eat more while dieting

This sound a bit counter productive, eating more calories while dieting? I know , I know this goes against traditional wisdom when it comes to dieting but there is a reason for this “madness”. I see a lot of people doing diets like the HCG diet which claims you can take HCG while eating 500 calories and lose weight, well no shit you are starving yourself and building unrealistic habits for sustained weight loss long term. When you limit your food intake you’ll initially lose some weight, but in the process you’ll damage your adrenal glands and find losing weight becomes nearly impossible until you repair the damage you have done.


Many diets call for limited eating and this is something I strongly disagree with, you are far better off eating 4-5 smaller meals per day and eating more frequently to increase your metabolism. Not only will you burn more fat due to your increased metabolism but you’ll be able to get in more crucial vitamins and minerals when you eat more food. Not to mention you’ll be a hell of a lot less cranky when you find yourself not hungry throughout the day.

Diets are about sustainability and long term results, it’s a marathon not a race. When you diet its need to be a lifestyle change, not some get in shape quick scheme that has you looking halfway decent for a few weeks then blowing back up to your original weight. Doing the “yo-yo” diet is unhealthy and can put a lot of strain on your organs due to rapid weight increases after you get off unhealthy diets.

What I recommend

If you are starting off your diet and you find yourself eating only a few times a day, gradually increase your meals. Adding in 1 meal a week is ideal until you get up to 4-5 meals per day. Try eating every 2-3 hours if possible to increase your metabolism.

Once you hit the desired 4-5 meals per day that you can fit into your schedule, start adding in proteins and fats. The majority of your calories should come from protein and fats so you can develop a lean fat burning machine.

I recommend getting in about 1-2 grams or protein per pound you weigh. So if you weight 200 lbs you’ll need to consume about 200-400 grams of protein. Make sure your food comes from clean food, which means you have to cook it, or from raw foods like avocados or nuts. This will ensure you are getting the highest quality fuel for your body.


Don’t buy into the fad diets, you need to build a realistic diet that increases your metabolism and leaves you satisfied at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid of increasing portion sizes and increasing meal counts as long as it is built on clean foods!