How to build a bigger butt

Lets face it everyone looks better with a rounder derriere, you see what I did there? On a serious note most woman and men all seek a more round muscular booty, I mean who wouldn’t want perfect glutes? In this article I’m going to go through some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years for myself and my clients!


Tip #1 Squats, Squats, Squats!

The ideal exercise for legs in general is squats, you can build your booty, quads and hamstrings at the same time. Squats are also ideal because you can do them without a gym at home!

Tip #2 Walking Lunges

Lunges are a great way to tone your legs and you can do them anywhere. I recommend alternating legs between lunges for the best results!

Tip #3 Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are great because they can be done at home or in a gym with a machine or something as simple as a dumbbell, if you are looking to build some serious glutes I suggest adding a dumbbell and completing 10-12 reps for about 4 sets!

Tip #4 Deadlifts

If I had to pick one powerlifting movement to do for the rest of my life I would choose deadlifts. Deadlifts build your legs and lower back. They can be done with dumbbells or barbell!

Tip #5 Invest in some bands!

Bands are extremely convenient if you are looking to do home workouts and want to add some extra tension to your workout. You can typically buy a set for 10-20 dollars, so they fit in most peoples budget.

Tip #6 Consistency is key

If you are looking for real results you need to be consistent, there is no shortcut to perfect glutes. If you reserve about 15 minutes a day to your glutes within a year you will see dramatic improvement. As time goes on I suggest increasing the weight used in your exercises to continue adding size to your booty. 


There you have it some simple yet effective way to build glutes! Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ideal body. Stay consistent, eat healthy and remember the harder you work the better you’ll look!