5 common mistakes made when trying to lose weight.

We have all gone through the process of trying to lose weight and not received the results we were expecting. I personally have experienced this numerous times and have learned some secrets to shredding off the body fat with these simple adjustments that most people don't know. Here are my top 5 common mistakes to avoid when trying to get in shape!

 1. Just because it says zero calories doesn't mean you should consume the product!

This was something i learned at a very young age. Products can be misleading and hazardous to your fitness goals if you don't know what to look out for. An extremely common mistake is consuming alternative sugars like aspartame or sucralose. These chemicals mimic real sugar and cause your body to release insulin which make your body hold onto body fat!  Try ditching the diet soda and try sparkling water with lemons or limes instead.

 2. Not all calories are the same!

When you're looking at the nutrition facts on the back of products its crucial to understand that not all food products are equal. Foods that are processed or contain large amounts of preservatives might not be the best for you. For example a hamburger you can make at home and purchase the ingredients from the grocery store is going to be much healthier than something from your favorite fast food chain. 

3. You're not drinking enough water!

When you start eating healthier again you'll start to notice your body will function much more efficiently than before. Your body will start to digest food more efficiently and process substances with ease. This means you're going to need more water. I recommend drinking 1 gallon of water a day.

4. You need more sleep!

Now that you've decided to start working out more consistently and eat healthier it's time to make sure you allow your body enough time to repair itself. When you workout you're body is releasing lactic acid which tears down the muscle fibers and the healthy protein you consume helps rebuild that tissue so you can put on more lean muscle mass. Sleep allows your body to focus on this rebuilding phase and is crucial to your weight loss and muscle gain goals. Make sure you get in 6-8 hours so you're body is repaired and ready to hit the gym again the next day.

5. The scale is not the best Indicator of progress.

We all can become fixated with our weight during the process of getting in shape. But being healthy and looking good isn't directly associated with the weight on the scale. Fat and muscle have significantly different densities so as you're starting your fitness journey its crucial to understand that as your losing weight you will put on some muscle as well. If you purely focus on the scale you'll lose sight on the fact you've gained muscle. So make sure to take that into consideration in your fitness journey!


Well there you have it, my 5 common mistakes made when trying to lose weight! I hope this was helpful and i look forward to sharing more fitness secrets with you in the future.